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2019 Speaker
Sebastian Brandhorst, PhD

Dr. Sebastian's scientific training is based on a vast background in cell biology, molecular biology, medicine, and biochemistry, all of which are highly relevant for his focus on biogerontology research to identify the mechanisms underlying cellular protection, as well as health- and lifespan-regulation, and their translation into clinical applications. He has performed research related to aging in yeast and C. elegans since 2009, after which he began to utilize mouse models to study the role of growth hormone/Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) signaling as a major regulatory pathway that modulates lifespan and ageassociated diseases/pathologies; particularly cancer. Subsequently, he focused on the role and application of short-term starvation, low calorie and/or low protein diets, so called fasting-mimicking diets, on health- and lifespan in pre-clinical to clinical studies.

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